• Team

Leadership Team

The leadership team of Givens is forward thinking and strategic as they approach the changing landscape of senior living. With an average tenure of nearly 25 years with Givens, the executive team is skilled in leading a complex business while caring about delivering quality products and services to residents in our communities.

Board of Directors Executive Team

Givens is governed by a volunteer board of directors approved by the United Methodist Conference. The Executive Committee members are:
  • G. Edward Towson, II
  • Joseph P. McGuire
    Vice Chairperson
  • Donna A. Broadwell
  • Kathryn R. Durity
    Assistant Secretary
  • Horace S. Jennings
  • Kenneth W. Swayze, Jr.
    Assistant Treasurer
  • Doris. P. Loomis
    Immediate Past Chairperson

Other Board Members

The Board of Directors consists of local business and church leaders in the Western North Carolina area.
  • Mrs. Ann H. Aldridge
  • Dr. Grace C. Allen
  • Mrs. Kathryn M. Atkinson
  • The Reverend Dr. Robert M. Blackburn Jr.
  • Mr. William B. Cagle
  • Mrs. Annette P. Coleman
  • The Reverend Elisabeth M. Crissman
  • Mr. Adam K. Ennis
  • Mr. Charles L. Frederick
  • Mrs. Jane H. Fuller
  • Mr. Miles K. Hoffman
  • The Reverend W. Michael Holder
  • Mr. Kenneth M. Hughes
  • Mrs. Dorothy J. Johnson
  • Dr. Suzanne E. Landis
  • Mr. Ronald C. Leatherwood
  • Bishop Paul L. Leeland
  • Mrs. Connie B. Martin
  • Mr. Joseph P. McGuire
  • Mr. Robert M. McKown
  • Mr. Clifton B. Metcalf
  • Mr. Charles Pine
  • Mrs. Josephine C. Pyatt
  • The Reverend W. Mark Ralls
  • Dr. Lucian C. Rice
  • Mrs. Florence E. Schwein​
  • Mr. Robert E. Shepherd
  • Mr. Hal F. Starnes
  • Mr. Christopher B. Taylor
  • Mrs. Marjorie J. Tucker
  • The Reverend Dr. R. Keith Turman
  • The Reverend Christoopher M. Westmoreland
  • Mr. David C. Whilden
  • Mr. Alfred J. Whitesides Jr.