Ken Partin Announces His Retirement

Published on August 5, 2021

Dear Friends,

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, and the management team of Givens Communities believes that succession planning is an important, and continuous process. As part of ongoing discussions and planning for succession, Ken Partin, our President and Chief Executive Officer, advised the Executive Committee in December 2019 of his plan to retire in 2021, contingent on a successful search for a qualified individual for his position. On the agreement of all parties, the planning for this was set in motion.

Therefore, the Givens Communities Board of Directors and I would like to inform you that Ken plans to retire in 2021, which will be his 40th anniversary. Ken began with Givens in July 1981. At that time, we had one campus, less than 100 residents in buildings 1 through 11, approximately $800,000 in annual revenues, and five employees. In 1986, Ken became Associate Director and in 1991, he became President and Chief Executive Officer. Across his tenure Givens has thrived, and today it includes four campuses, two Life Plan Communities and two affordable housing communities, has 1,550 residents, 550 employees, $65,000,000 in annual revenues, more than $280,000,000 in total assets, and $77,000,000 in cash and investments. We are rated by Fitch, accredited through CARF, have two five-star nursing homes, and are wonderful communities in which our residents live and our team members work.

We are grateful to Ken for his dedication, leadership and vision throughout the years. Ken will be the first to say that Givens’ success is directly correlated to the support of his colleagues, especially those with whom he has worked so closely for so many years. They have endured much together, overcome many obstacles and as a result Givens has emerged as a strong, healthy and vibrant organization with an exciting future! Givens’ trajectory has been remarkable!

Please join with the Board Directors and me as we express gratitude to Ken for putting his heart and soul into Givens during the past 40 years. We celebrate with him as he prepares for this exciting next chapter in his life. We believe in the culture he has built and look forward to the opportunity for Givens to bring in new leadership with the experience and expertise to carry the torch forward.

Also, the Board and I would like to express deep appreciation to Ken’s wife Peggy and his three daughters Morgan, Kensley and Caitlin. They have been exceedingly patient with and forgiving of Ken during the many times he was distracted, late or missed something because of work. Moreover, they have been genuinely interested in and enthusiastic about all of Givens’ successes throughout the years. They, too, love Givens! Something interesting about the Partins is that 10 of their family members made Givens their home during Ken’s tenure.

The Board of Directors plans to go through a national search for our new President and Chief Executive Officer. The Executive Committee has been working together for many years and is uniquely qualified, so I have appointed them to serve as the Search Committee. We know this type of search will take more than six months to complete including the onboarding of the selected candidate. We are planning to go through a logical and methodical search and take our time to find the right person. We are committed to a smooth, seamless transition in leadership through careful planning, clear expectations and ownership of the process. Moreover, the administrative team, Ken’s closest colleagues are committed to facilitating an effective transition. The Search Committee is partnering with Deffet Group, a national consulting firm who has specialized in executive search for mission-driven, non-profit aging service providers for more than 25 years. They will guide us through this process which will begin in earnest in early 2021.

We want you to know that your Board of Directors honors the past, is encouraged about the present and remains exceedingly enthusiastic about the future of Givens Communities!


G. Edward Towson, II
Givens Communities Board of Directors